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The concept of ‘self-regulation’ refers to the process, in which the athlete monitors, manages and controls his/her behavior, thoughts, feelings and interaction with the external environment, including his/her performance and social interactions. Due to its wide extent, self-regulation allows the athlete to understand the way in which his/her body responses are coordinated in a full range of different skills and strategies. In this way, the individual attains the ability to understand the factors that affect his/her performance. Through training in self-regulation, athletes develop strategies that help them cope and effectively avoid errors that degrade their performance.


Focus Lab's goal is to train the athlete to regulate his/her psycho-physiological processes, such as the heart rate, respiratory rate and response time to external stimuli. Monitoring these processes ensures that the athlete develops a better control and awareness of his/her reactions during the training and especially during the game.


Key benefits of self-regulation (as achieved through Focus Lab protocol) are:


1. Perception of autonomic central nervous system responses (e.g. rapid heartbeat, sweating, loss of concentration, trembling, etc.).


2. Application of the appropriate treatment strategy using Neurofeedback.


3. Test of the results of the applied response strategy.


4. Assimilation (integration) of this strategy into the individual’s behavior during a game.



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