In Focus Lab we use two basic tools, Biofeedback (neuro-feedback) and Coaching, which, combined through Focus Lab unique protocol, maximize the effectiveness of its services and the achievement of optimum performance during the game

In our biofeedback sessions, we use special EEG Headsets (EEG), which have sensors, set securely on the outer surface of the head. The headsets connect wirelessly to the PC and record in real time and with absolute precision, the brain function of the trainee, while the measurement results are displayed on a computer screen for immediate review. The advantage of direct and real-time visualization of the effects of electrical activity of cerebral neurons suggesting anxiety, intensity etc is the possibility of immediate and effective intervention to control this reaction and its subsequent conversion to a state of concentration and relaxation.


Focus Lab Coaching is focused on the complete preparation of the high-level athlete for the game season through a systematic process. This is accomplished with the cognitive and psychological training, which complements his physical training and preparation.


In particular, our psychologists train the athlete, based on his/her psychological characteristics as well as the measurable results of the neurofeedback method, which is also the uniqueness of the Focus Lab protocol. Furthermore, through the coaching sessions and the neurofeedback applications - ranging from simple videos to virtual reality - our team guides the athlete in acquiring strategies and methods that will allow him/her to remain calm and focused during the game, focusing on his/her goal for optimum performance.


Focus Lab coaching service is provided at regular sessions, the number and frequency of which is determined after the athlete's needs are identified.




Biofeedback, or Neurofeedback, is one of the promising non-pharmaceutical, high-tech therapeutic methods. Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) refers to the process during which a bodily function, which, under normal circumstances, an individual cannot perceive (heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature, brain waves, etc.), is monitored and becomes available for training. Therefore, the trainee athlete familiarizes with the responses of the Autonomous Central Nervous System (ANS) and while recognizing these normal reactions, gradually acquires the ability to check them for the benefit of his/her performance during the race.


In the field of athletic education, neurofeedback does not only contribute to optimizing the athlete's emotional and cognitive self-regulation capacity; it also enables qualified psychologists to quantify the results of training and to provide more effective guidance to the trainee for optimal performance.




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