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Peak performance in championship is characterized by high levels of concentration, with a conscious effort. Top performance athletes can rely on Focus Lab biofeedback and coaching tools and learn how to stay focused and not be distracted by the external factors and high competition.


      The ability to concentrate during the game is of high importance in order to achieve peak performance. During a 2-hour sports game, the athlete will shift his focus repeatedly. However, maintaining concentration at a steady pace is a demanding process. The overall concentration is achieved when the athlete is fully involved in the game, acquiring a complete awareness of timing and his/her surroundings.


Thus, the intense concentration during competition has the following four key elements:


1. The ability to direct the attention to an object, thought or feeling.


2. The ability to ignore distractions and thoughts.


3. The ability to reorient attention when temporarily distracted from an external stimulus.


4. The ability to refocus attention.





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